Our pricing structure is simple, subscription based and structured over three license editions. A perpetual, completely FREE license is available with minimal restrictions. Standard edition will provide you all the functionality with a subscription cost based on the number of documents/content to be transferred to the ECM platform (no matter how many docXtend agents, how many DB data models, tables, attributes….). Enterprise license adds Enterprise-grade replication capabilities for additional security, priority support and flexible licensing schemas, including perpetual licenses.

License upgrades are executed online without any setup modification.

Automated no-code integration

  • Data model inspection and data virtualization layer generation
  • Automated data transfer to ECM platform
  • Data versioning (based on content manager capabilities)
  • Automated (potentially delayed) data deletion

High availability

  • Clustered agent setup (multi-node cluster for high availability)
  • Job parallelization
  • Uninterrupted service on upgrades

Metadata enrichment

  • Unlimited number of managed tables / attributes
  • Unlimited number of database schemas / instances
  • Multiple document subtypes association (aspects)

Operational dashboards

  • Online automated operational statistics
  • Health dashboard
  • Metadata mapping configuration panel